Luxury Wedding Photography & Cinematography offerings

Welcome to your wedding day. Consider this your invitation to lose yourself in the moment

With us behind the camera, you have permission.

With months of anticipation under your belt and a lifetime to go, this is the moment where it all comes together.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

Consider this your invitation to fall in love with every minute of it. Go ahead, lose yourself in the beauty of the moment. Be captivated. Take it all in. With us behind the camera, you have permission.

On your wedding day, you can breathe easy knowing we’ve got it all taken care of.

You can count on us to show up prepared, professional, and relentless in our pursuit of making you look and feel your absolute best (we’re just as determined to make you smile, too).

photography + Cinematography Offerings

Our team specializes in capturing moments and telling stories through our lens. With our unrivaled passion for visual storytelling, we offer three services that can be tailored to your unique needs: Photography Only, Cinematography Only, and the perfect blend of both—Photography and Cinematography.

Why choose us?

We understand that moments are best captured when both photography and cinematography work in unison. That’s why a significant portion of our bookings are for both services.

Wedding ceremony at Trump Golf Resort

Our clients trust us to artistically document their special occasions from multiple angles, allowing them to relive the magic whenever they desire. Whether it’s the laughter, the tears, or the subtle details that define your story, we are dedicated to preserving them all.

“I am so happy with how the pictures came out, they are stunning and timeless. They captured the true essence of my wedding day and I cannot be more thankful.”


The Experience

Before the wedding

1. Discovery Call and Custom Proposal

We would be delighted to discuss your needs further and answer any questions you may have. To inquire, please fill out our contact form to see if our team is available on your wedding date.

We will then promptly get in touch to arrange a discovery call to understand more about your wedding day and your specific needs. This call will also serve as an opportunity for us to establish a connection and determine if our team is the right fit for your wedding day. We believe in building a strong rapport with our clients, as it contributes to a positive and enjoyable experience throughout the process.

After the call, we will put together a custom proposal specifically tailored to your wedding day needs.

2. Seamless Online Booking Process

Enjoy the convenience of booking our services online. Once you receive the booking proposal, you can effortlessly review and electronically sign the contract, and pay the retainer.

Once we’re officially booked, you can anticipate a welcome email and additional information to help streamline this process and to ensure you feel fully prepared on your wedding day.

3. Engagement Session Planning

We’ll secure a date on our calendar and based on your unique vision and preferences, we’ll send personalized suggestions – From ideal locations and creative ideas to outfit recommendations tailored to your unique style, we’ve got you covered.

Receive valuable tips and advice on preparation and attire. We’ll also provide an itinerary with logistical details like parking and meeting points.

Your stunning engagement photos will be delivered to you within 3 weeks.

4. Preparing for Your Wedding Day

As the big day approaches and you finalize the remaining details with your planner, we’ll seamlessly adjust our photography and cinematography itinerary.

Two months prior to your wedding day, expect a detailed questionnaire from us to help our team prepare for your big day and create a formal family shot list for you

A month before the event, we’ll schedule a final call to review your final wedding timeline together.

Throughout the process, we’ll work closely with you or your planner to ensure a seamless collaboration.

Wedding day

1. Team arrival

Our arrival is planned and executed to ensure a seamless and efficient experience for you. We arrive fully prepared with a solid mental list of locations and formal photo opportunities throughout the day.

Prior to your wedding, we conduct thorough research on the venue and locations. The lead photographer and videographer arrives 30-60 minutes before the official coverage time to scout the area, assess lighting conditions, and familiarize ourselves with the surroundings.

For destination weddings, we arrive at least 2 full days in advance to account for any potential travel delays or weather-related issues.

2. Getting ready

Our approach is attentive and detail-oriented. During the getting ready moments, we strike a balance between being hands-on and unobtrusive. We take care of arranging your dress and shoes, styling your invitations, and guiding you to locations that enhance the aesthetics of the moment.

However, we understand the importance of capturing authentic interactions between you and your loved ones, and we know when to step back and allow the organic moments to unfold naturally.

3. Portraits

Building upon our engagement session experience, our approach to capturing couple portraits is a blend of guidance and affirmation. We provide specific yet open-ended direction, ensuring that the photographs reflect your unique connection.

Through our expertise in lighting and composition, we create images that are organic, fluid, and beautifully lit, showcasing your love in its most captivating form.

We understand the significance of celebrating your favorite people through beautiful photographs. While we capture the traditional bridal party portraits, we also bring a creative touch by incorporating elements of lifestyle and editorial photography.

With family portraits, we work closely on a formal family shot list we create together or you/your planner provide us, ensuring that we capture all the important combinations that hold meaning for you and your loved ones.

If time permits, we also aim to capture stunning sunset portraits of the newlyweds, highlighting the romantic ambiance of the moment.

4. Ceremony and reception

Throughout your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, we are adept at documenting the essence of the venue and space. We believe in setting the scene by capturing the intricate details, breathtaking views, and floral arrangements that you have invested thought and care into.

During these moments, we adopt a hands-off and discrete approach, keenly observing and anticipating heartfelt moments. Whether it’s a tear shed by the father of the bride or the tender grip of your hands during the vows, we are committed to capturing the emotions and candid interactions that make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

After the wedding

1. Sneak peeks

Anticipate 60-100 delightful sneak peeks within the first week after your wedding. These carefully selected images will showcase the magic of your special day and will tide you over until you get your full gallery.

Feel free to share these previews with your friends and family, relishing in the excitement while it’s still fresh.

2. Full gallery and wedding films

Your full gallery and wedding highlight film will be delivered within 6-8 weeks in a private online gallery. On average, you can expect around 75-100 images per hour of coverage, resulting in a minimum of 600-800+ images for an 8-hour wedding.

To ensure easy access and organization, the photos will be neatly organized into different parts of the day.

From the gallery, you can effortlessly download and share the images with your loved ones. Additionally, you have the convenience of ordering prints and other products directly from the online gallery store. As you browse through the images, you can favorite your favorites and hide any images you prefer to keep private.

For full featured films and documentary edits, you can expect to receive them within 10-12 weeks.

3. Heirloom albums

Our heirloom albums are hand pressed, hand bound, and hand made and use the finest quality of materials.

If your wedding package includes an Heirloom Album, or if you decide to purchase one later, we offer a seamless process to bring your album to life.

Approximately 1-2 weeks after your full gallery is delivered, you will receive an email presenting an initial draft of your album spreads. This allows you to provide feedback and make revisions to the layout, such as switching, deleting, or adding photos until it perfectly reflects your vision. Once you approve the album spreads, we will proceed with finalizing the album covers.

At this stage, an invoice will be generated for any album upgrades you choose. The timeline for album design is dependent on your feedback, with an average turnaround time of 5-7 weeks.

However, we understand that everyone has their own pace, so we accommodate revisions even if they are requested several weeks/months later. Once everything is approved and payment is received, our lab will craft and ship your album within 6 weeks.

If you’re looking for elegant, enduring imagery and a luxury experience that’ll have you feeling better ever in front of the camera, look no further. You’re in the right place.

You bring the looks. We’ll bring the laughs.

“As someone who isn't all that comfortable getting their photo taken I was pleasantly surprised with how much fun I had. Not only are they the absolute BEST at what they do, but they are so enjoyable to work with.”

- Allee

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