The Ultimate Guide to “Must Have” Wedding Film Moments

“Is wedding videography worth the investment?”

...she types into Google.

If your search history looks anything like the query above, you’re far from alone.

With photography as a non-negotiable line item for every wedding, it can be tough to determine whether videography is an optional splurge or a “gotta have it” addition. And when one seems to build on top of the other, the line between “need” and “want” gets even fuzzier.

For us, the answer to this question is an easy one–and we’ll admit it, we’re a little biased (thanks to a decade of running our SoCal wedding photography business).

Wedding videography is absolutely worth it. Every penny. In fact, it’s so much more than “worth it.” It’s positively essential! And if we’ve done our jobs well, by the end of this guide you’ll join us in the “videography is a must” camp–and we hope you’ll be just as passionate as we are!

Where do we even begin?

As photographers for over a decade, we’ve learned the power of a seamless blend of photography and video.

Turns out, we take sound and motion for granted when it comes to their storytelling ability.

Photographs can’t capture the fullness of your father’s toast–embarrassing childhood stories and all.

Photographs can’t capture your best friend’s signature belly laugh–the one that makes everyone laugh harder than the joke she told in the first place.

Photographs can’t capture the clumsy toddler steps of your one year old niece (who also happens to be your flower girl).

A day that’ll be remembered forever is one captured with photo AND video.

 Photography captures the gallery wall worthy moment. Videography tells the story that took place before, during, and after. It fills out the picture. It adds color, context, and richness. We’d like to formally apologize to motion and sound for underestimating them so deeply (until we became filmmakers, that is!).

Your wedding photographs might make you tear up, but your film will make you sob (guaranteed).

grab the tissues!

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You can count on us for professionalism, consistency, excellence, and all the “must-haves” you know you need when searching for a photographer–and if you’re looking for experience, we’ve got that too (ten years of professional photography under our belts, to be exact).

But here’s the thing: With us, there’s a lot more that lies between the line items. In front of our camera, you’ll feel totally at ease. We’ll laugh with you, we’ll joke with you, and above all, we’ll make you look awesome. And because we’re always on a mission to outdo ourselves, you know you’ll be getting the best we’ve got – every time.

Without further ado, here are the moments of your wedding day you’ll be glad you captured on video – trust us, we’re professionals!

1. The Establishing Shot

Picture your favorite romcom. It always starts with a sweeping view of the New York City skyline, right? An establishing shot sets the scene for all that’s to come. It provides atmosphere and a sense of place throughout the film. Why should your wedding film be any different? We like to capture a wide shot of your venue so you can always remember the place where it all began.

2. The Details

Take it from us–your wedding day is going to be hectic (even with a planner on your dream team). There will be thoughtfully planned details and carefully curated moments that you’ll inevitably miss, despite how much time you put into planning them. With a videographer on your team, you can be sure that you’ll never miss a thing. We love to capture shots of all the pretty things–your bouquet, jewelry, paper goods, table settings, and more. With our signature touch of golden light, we’ll ensure that the little things are never forgotten.

3. Your Family’s Faces During The Ceremony

The tunnel vision when you walk down the aisle is real—and we can’t blame you. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! As you lock eyes with your soon-to-be spouse, your families are watching you live your dreams. The looks on their faces are absolutely priceless! There’s occasionally a few tears, but you can always count on big, beaming smiles that are not to be missed. Let us capture that so you can stay focused on tying the knot.

4. The Vows & Speeches

Welcome to one of the greatest beauties of working with a videographer—sound! With a simple and discreet lapel microphone, we can capture the speeches and toasts of your wedding day for generations to come. As hard as it is to imagine, there will come a day when your father’s voice or your best friend’s laughter isn’t just a phone call away. These treasured moments will only become more priceless as the years go by.

5. The First Look

This is your cordial invitation to get lost in the moment. Whether you’re opting for a contemporary first look prior to your ceremony or you’re waiting for the big reveal under the altar, you’ll never want to forget the look on their face. The combination of adoration, nerves, and joy is secretly one of our favorite parts of the entire day. Your wedding film will also capture how you reacted in the moment as well, and take it from us–it’ll be something you can’t wait to share with your children some day.

With these shots in your wedding film, you can’t go wrong.

And there’s so much more wedding day savvy and insight where that came from. We’d love to support you through the planning process and contribute our decade of expertise. Make us part of your wedding day dream team and we’ll take it from here.

In the meantime, join us on Instagram for behind the scenes stories and even more wedding day wisdom–we’ve got over a decade of experience documenting celebrations under our belts and the expertise to prove it! We can’t wait to see you there.