Rancho Las Lomas Summer Wedding – Veronica + Clarence


Have you ever imagined a wedding where every detail feels like it came out straight of a fairy tale? Picture this: A warm summer day, a venue bursting with natural beauty, and a couple whose love story feels right out of a high school romance novel. Welcome to the story of Veronica and Clarence’s summer wedding at Rancho Las Lomas, a day marked by impeccable style, deep-rooted love, and the essence of a lifelong partnership!

Rancho Las Lomas Wedding
The Venue: Rancho Las Lomas

Nestled in the heart of Southern California, Rancho Las Lomas offers a stunning backdrop for weddings. Known for its lush gardens, exotic animals, and Spanish-style architecture, this venue provides a unique and breathtaking setting. Its natural beauty elevates the atmosphere, making every moment feel like a piece of art. The venue’s teak stages, elegant fountains, and vibrant courtyards reflect a legacy of love, making it the perfect backdrop for Veronica and Clarence’s celebration. Imagine sipping a cool drink under the shade of ancient oaks, surrounded by beautiful landscapes – it’s a scene straight out of a dream!

Veronica and Clarence: A Love Story for the Ages

Now, let’s talk about our couple!

Veronica, with her valley girl charm, and Clarence, the typical LA kid, have a love story that’s nothing short of extraordinary. It all started with a high school dance, and from there, their story grew into a beautiful tapestry of love, adventure, and shared dreams. They’re the kind of couple who radiates joy, the kind who’d laugh together while hiking up a mountain or cheer loudly at a Dodgers game. Their love is as real as it gets, filled with moments of joy, growth, and deep understanding.

Oh, and the proposal? It’s like something out of a romantic movie! Imagine Veronica, dressed up for a supposed dinner with Clarence’s boss in Malibu, only to find a beachfront Airbnb adorned with candles and rose petals. As the sun set over the ocean, Clarence asked her the big question. Talk about setting the bar high for romance! It was more than just a proposal; it was the beginning of a promise for a lifetime of surprises and love.

The Wedding Day: A Symphony of Love and Nature

Fast forward to June 30th, 2023. The day Veronica and Clarence said “I do” at Rancho Las Lomas. Their wedding wasn’t just a day; it was a celebration of all the little moments that made their relationship special. Every detail – from the stunning decor to the breathtaking florals – was a reflection of their journey together.

One of the most touching moments was the first look and exchange of personal vows. These intimate declarations, set against the enchanting backdrop of Rancho Las Lomas, captured the essence of their relationship. It was a moment where time stood still; a time where you could truly feel the couple’s deep connection and love for each other.

Overall, their wedding day was a true reflection of their personal tastes – elegant yet understated. The decor was a delicate balance of sophistication and simplicity, creating an ambiance that was both inviting and refined. The floral arrangements, with their subtle hues and soft textures, complemented the natural beauty of the venue, creating a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor elegance.

What made their wedding uniquely theirs were the personal touches. From the hand-picked menu that catered to their favorite cuisines to the playlist featuring songs from significant moments in their relationship, every element had a story. The couple’s attention to detail showed not just in the visual aspects but also in the thoughtful way they ensured their guests felt part of their love story.

More Than Just a Wedding

A Rancho Las Lomas wedding is an experience – a chapter in a couple’s life that stays with them forever. Veronica and Clarence’s wedding was a testament to their love story; a story that started in high school and blossomed into a lifelong commitment. The choice of Rancho Las Lomas as their venue was in perfect harmony with their love for the outdoors and their appreciation for refined and elegant aesthetics.

Final Thoughts

Veronica and Clarence’s wedding at Rancho Las Lomas was a beautiful blend of nature, elegance, and heartfelt moments. It was a day where every detail – from the venue to the vows, was instilled with meaning and beauty. This celebration wasn’t just about the start of their married life but also a tribute to their journey together; a journey marked by shared adventures, deep understanding, and an unwavering commitment to each other.

Vendor List
  • Venue | @rancholaslomas
  • Wedding Planner | @positvely_charming_weddings
  • Photography | @twofourteenphotography
  • Videography | @twofourteenweddingfilms
  • Florals | @petal.rs
  • Bridal Beauty | @theglamfairyxo
  • Bridesmaids HMU | @refinedbeautyinc
  • Signage | @catherinejoydesigns
  • Bridal Boutique | @pebblesbridal
  • Bridal Shoes | @sam_edelman
  • Groom Tux | @menswearhouse
  • Cake | @simplysweetcakery
  • Catering | @24carrotscatering
  • DJ | @bouquetsound DJ Tim
  • Officiant | @weddingsroyale – Valerie
  • Mariachi Band | @mariachitierramia
  • Rentals | @eventcityla
  • Shuttle Service | @best_vip_chauffeured
  • Photobooth | @petal.rs
  • 360 Photobooth | @laphotoboothcompany

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