5 Tips: How to Choose the Best Engagement Photo Location


First things first: Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! Now, are you at that wonderful stage where you’re planning your engagement session – but you’re feeling overwhelmed about choosing the perfect engagement photo location? Choosing the right setting for these photos isn’t just about finding a pretty place; it’s about capturing the essence of your relationship and the celebration of your love. 

Not sure where to start? This guide is for you!

Engagement Photo Location

Finding Your Perfect Spot: A Guide to choosing Your Engagement Photo Location

Here are 5 tips to help you pick a location that elevates your engagement photos from ordinary to extraordinary, ensuring they become a cherished part of your legacy.

1. Consider Your Shared Interests

What defines you as a couple? Are you city explorers, art aficionados, or outdoor enthusiasts? Choosing a location that aligns with your shared passions can add a personal and meaningful touch to your photos. For example, if you both love hiking, why not take your engagement photos at a scenic mountain trail? If art is your thing, you can choose a refined gallery or a street adorned with murals. The key is to choose a place that matches both of your interests and vibes.

For Kate and Bryan’s engagement session we wanted to incorporate their love the outdoors while still keeping the session stylish and chic. They wanted to include a vintage car and their pup, so we created an itinerary that allowed us to include both.

2. Consider the Lighting

Lighting can dramatically change the mood and quality of your photos. Professional photographers usually talk about the ‘golden hour’ – the first hour after sunrise or the last before sunset – when the light is soft and warm, creating an impeccable, dreamy effect.

For our team, we normally start engagement sessions about 2-2.5 hours before sunset.

But, don’t limit yourself to these times! A cloudy day can provide a soft, diffused light that beautifully captures the subtle nuances of your emotions. Consult your photographer so you can better understand the best time of day for your chosen location.

3. Look Out for Unique Architecture or Natural Beauty

Want to elevate your engagement photos and add an artistic flair to them? Look out for locations with unique architectural features or breathtaking natural scenery! Think of the magnificence of a historic building, the intricate patterns of a bridge, a secluded beach, or the majestic backdrop of a mountain range. These elements don’t just serve as a backdrop; they contribute to the art and craft of your photos, making them visually stunning and memorable.

You can see more of Christina and Jake’s Greystone Mansion engagement session here.

4. Keep Comfort in Mind

While aesthetics are crucial, your comfort is equally important. Choose a location where you can be yourselves. If you’re more at ease in a quiet and secluded spot, a crowded city center might not be the best choice. Being comfortable will allow your natural chemistry to shine through, resulting in more genuine and heartfelt photos.

Here’s an engagement session in a secluded beach Maui you don’t want to miss: Ezra + Jonathan’s Makena Cove Engagement

5. Think About the Season

The season can significantly affect the ambiance of your engagement photos. A springtime shoot can capture the essence of new beginnings with blooming flowers, while autumn brings a warm, golden palette of colors. On the other hand, winter, with its snowy landscapes, creates a magical and serene setting, while summer offers bright, lively scenes. Consider which season reflects the mood you want to convey in your photos.

Examples to Inspire You as you search for engagement photo location

For Nature Lovers

Imagine standing in the middle of a field of wildflowers, the setting sun casting a golden hue over the landscape. This setting not only showcases natural beauty, but it also symbolizes the growth and blossoming of your relationship.

Engagement photo location - wildflowers
For Urban Enthusiasts

A rooftop overlooking the city skyline can capture the energy and excitement of urban life. The contrast of the refined, structured cityscape against the candid, fluid emotion of your love story creates a dynamic and captivating scene.

Engagement Photo Location - city
For Historical Buffs

For those who appreciate the legacy of the past, a shoot in a historical district with cobblestone streets and classical architecture can add a timeless elegance to your photos.

Here are some other engagement session inspiration you may find helpful:

Downtown Los Angeles Studio Engagement

Engagement Session in the Rain

Wilderness Park Engagement Session

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right engagement photo location is an art – it’s about finding a place that not only looks stunning, but also resonates with the essence of your relationship. It’s about capturing moments that speak of your journey, your love, and the legacy that you’re building together. By considering these tips, you’re well on your way to selecting a location that reflects your unique bond and elevates your engagement photos to a work of art, filled with memories that you’ll cherish forever.

Remember, these photos are more than just images; they’re a celebration of your love and the beginning of your journey together. So, take your time, be discerning, and most importantly, enjoy the process. After all, this is the start of a new and exciting chapter in your life!

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