Enduring imagery, masterfully crafted for your legacy
and beyond.

Southern California Luxury Wedding photography & Cinematography team

a life well-lived for discerning Southern California clientele

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Time is our most precious resource.

Like you, it’s one of the things in this world we can’t make more of.

When it comes to capturing your legacy for generations to come, what greater argument is there for enduring imagery?

As photographers and cinematographers for elegant, refined clientele throughout Southern California and beyond, we like to think of ourselves as storytellers in every sense of the word.

And look–of course we’re biased, but from where we sit, photographs are eternal reminders of a life well-lived.


Hi! We're Krizelle and Virath.

The best friends, husband + wife, and dynamic duo behind Two Fourteen Photography.

What we started 10+ year ago has now grown to an amazing team of photographers and cinematographers serving refined clientele all over Southern California and beyond.

You can count on us for professionalism, consistency, excellence, and all the “must-haves” you know you need when searching for a photography and videography team.

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Featured work

Roberta + Josh

Taglyan cultural Complex

Danielle + Daniel

Hummingbird Nest Ranch

Tiffany + Wilson

Calamigos ranch

Victoria + David

Laguna Beach

From every new beginning to every new addition, from the fleeting to the everlasting –

photographs remain.

You have one wild and precious life, friend. Take it from us – it is so worth documenting. And time is of the essence.

After a quick glance around, you’ll notice our light filled style is abundant. It’s our signature, after all (along with golden hour in SoCal). The part of our work that’s even easier to see? It’s also what we’re proudest of – and that’s how we make you feel.

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From start to finish,

you’ll have a damn good time with us

(and that's a promise!).

You deserve to be captured as you truly are – completely at ease, with a smile on your face. And between us? That’s when you look your absolute best, too.

Add a dash of photographer’s magic and our commitment to greatness, and you’ve got legacy-worthy photos for life (and then some).

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